Transition Year is a one year programme offered to students who have completed the Junior Certificate. TY is an optional year for students – it is not compulsory. It is a unique programme which is designed to act as a bridge between the Junior and Leaving Certificate courses.

Our Transition Year Programme offers a broad variety of topics and subjects. Transition Year students are given the opportunity to study all subjects on the Senior Cycle Curriculum. This allows them to be better informed when it comes to choosing subjects in fifth Year and career choice in sixth year.


IrishEnglishMathsDevelopment Education
GermanMusicArtHome Econcomics
I.T.DramaP.E.Driving Lessons
FrenchMusicalMini CompanyPhotgraphy
I.C.T.LawDress DesignFirst Aid
Self DefenceT.E.F.L.Positive Thinking

We encourage contact with people and agencies outside school. Transition Year students become more involved with their immediate community through work experience, voluntary and community work. Students can also follow and develop special interests for example sporting, leisure or academic. There is also space and opportunity to concentrate on some
aspects of learning which do not always feature on either the Junior or Leaving Certificate programmes.
Qualities which might not otherwise flourish are often developed. The flexibility offered by the programme means it can be an ideal opportunity for students to respond to challenges such as An Gaisce ( The President’s Award), Driving Lessons, Film Making, First Aid, Fencing, Self Defence, Kayaking, Career Mentoring, TY Musical and TY Fashion Show.

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Why Transition year?

  • Bridge the gap between Junior Cycle and Senior Cycle.
  • Solid Foundation for Leaving Certificate Programme.
  • Opportunities to catch-up and study new subjects.
  • Develop skills – I.T, social, organisational and research.
  • Obtain work experience.
  • Increase self confidence and maturity.


  • Those interested and motivated to take part in TY.
  • Those who are young for senior cycle.
  • Those who have missed time or need to catch up.


  • To develop the following qualities: respect, cooperation and courtesy.
  • That students will acquire a deeper knowledge of themselves, thus helping them establish realistic, educational and life ambitions.
  • To introduce students to subjects on the Senior Curriculum.
  • To take the opportunity to investigate a variety of careers, through work experience.
  • To develop the independent research and study skills necessary for Senior Cycle and Third Level.
  • To encourage initiative and self confidence through group activities and teamwork