After a month’s reading, the 1st years finished their Readathon in the last week of term. The Readathon was organised by the Wellread Steering Committee – a committee set up this year to promote reading within the school community. Prizes were awarded to the Best Readers in each form class. The prizes were sponsored by Trim Credit Union. 

The Best Reader Award for each form class was based on the total number of pages read by the student. Winners of the award were 1st year students P Harty, S O’Neill Rice, E Boyle, R Corcoran & Holly Nolan. Special mention was made of 2 students – P Mrowinska and A Byrne who also managed to read exceptional amounts in the allotted time. Both students were awarded certificates for their endeavours. 

Many thanks to Trim Credit Union, who sponsored the prizes for the Readathon. 

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