Commiserations to the 2nd yr basketball team who were beaten in the All Ireland C schools semi final. The whole team gave it everything they had and worked hard throughout the game. They came up against a very good St.Marys Macroom, Co.Cork. They had plenty of club players who had more experience. Scoil Mhuire had plenty of athletic ability and fought to the end. At certain points they were leading but with some good steals and scores St.Marys went ahead and despite getting to within 4 points Scoil Mhuire couldn’t catch up. This team has had great success and had lost in the north east regional final last year but went on to win it this year. They then came through the playoffs beating 3 teams so they have done so well to make it to the final stages in the All-Ireland. Next year they will compete at B standard so they will look forward to the next challenge

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