6 girls headed off on a language exchange last Friday with their teacher MsEDoherty. The exchange has been planned for a number of months between a French teacher M.Lozano and Ms Doherty. The Corsican girls came over in February for 3 weeks so it was finally time to go over and see how the students spend their school days and their free time. This was the first time in France for many of the students and after a long set of flights from Dublin to Paris then Nice and then Figari in the south of Corsica they finally arrived to warm welcomes from the French girls and their families. 
They all headed off to their families and spent the weekend practising their French phrases. They were brought to the beach on the Sunday after a very rainy first day on the Saturday. They even went into the sea to the amazement of the locals! 
Monday morning they had an early start in school. 8.25 was the start time for breakfast which was supplied by the school.  Different types of jus and gateaux were on offer for the students while they got used to their surroundings. They then did a tour of the school. They went to English class and got to know a few of the students and helped them with their English presentations. They then went to the library to do some study of lessons from home and to learn some French grammar. Each day they will go to lessons all morning. The French students have double classes..2 hours of the one subject.. and the girls will get to try out different subjects with a lot of different teachers. They will be there for 3 weeks and by the end they should know a lot about the school system,the culture and their knowledge of the French language should improve as they are surrounded by the Corsican people who have a nice relaxed way of living and are very welcoming. The students can be seen in the pictures having their first French petit dejeuner with their exchange partners. A. Diamond, O. O’Brien, L. Ni Laoire, R. McInerney, A. Ledwidge and G. Grehan are all taking part in the exchange.

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