The uncertainty surrounding the Coronavirus pandemic is hard and stressful on everyone. Coronavirus is a new virus and doctors and scientists around the world are still learning about it. As we are no longer in our familiar school routine, we may feel worried about what lies ahead, when will we be able to return to school, when we will see our friends, what will happen about our exams, when can we play sports again.

As students, what can we do to stop this virus in its tracks and prevent exposure to high risk groups such as the elderly,  immunocompromised people and people with underlying health conditions? Practising simple measures is vital, such as washing our hands regularly, sneezing or coughing into a tissue and physical distancing can help slow down the transmission of this virus. Social/physical distancing is the most important intervention we can all carry out which requires us to keep 2 metres (approx. 6 feet) between us and another person.

Prevention is up to every single one of us. This is our responsibility and together we can do this. Every time we come into close contact with someone we are giving the virus a chance to spread, to replicate and become more powerful.  When we come into contact with someone new, we are not just putting that person at risk, but also the people that those people come into contact with. It may affect many people, some with weaker immune systems than ourselves, who may develop complications.

We all have elderly relatives, grandparents and family members with underlying health conditions. As young healthy students, it is our chance to give back to our families and the wider community. We are responsible for the decisions that we make which can help combat the transmission of this virus. We cannot stress this enough.

The greatest gift we can give at this time, right here and right now, is to adhere to the measures and social/physical distancing guidelines laid down by the HSE.

For those students who are a little worried and overwhelmed by the recent happenings, please don’t be. It is important to take time out from all the media coverage, get some fresh air, unwind and relax. Even though we may not meet up with our friends, it is important that we still text or call each other for a chat regularly.

And remember, it won’t be too long before we are all back together in the familiar surroundings of Scoil Mhuire, with our friends and teachers that we miss, and we will all look back and realise how we as young people made a huge and important difference in our community by carrying out physical distancing.  We will be so proud of ourselves.

Act now and have no regrets in the future.


Take care and see you all soon,

Laura & Leah

(Head Girl & Deputy Head Girl)

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