“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world” : Nelson Mandela

In September, I was elected Head Girl and my first duty is to reiterate the COVID 19 regulations but in school and at home.

I know it has been a very difficult time for everyone and I understand you are all aware of these guidelines already, but it is important that they are emphasised. We’ve seen over the last number of weeks, an increase in the number of cases but we now have the opportunity to lower these cases and take responsibility for our actions, over the weekends especially!

We all want to enjoy Halloween, Christmas and the New Year, but we can’t enjoy them fully unless the numbers are reduced. It’s time to act responsibly and to think about whether our actions reflect this? I saw on the school’s page recently, if the roles were reversed, out parents and grandparents would do their absolute best to make sure we remained safe and healthy. I know it’s everyone’s priority to ensure the safety of our family and friends, both young and old.

This is why I’m reminding you to please keep your 2 metre distance and remember that you can only remove your mask if you have at least 2 metres or more. Please ensure to practice good hand hygiene and follow the one way system. If you are having any issues with the one way system please do not hesitate to ask. Like wise, if you have any problems throughout the year, I’m always here to help, whether it’s in person or via Teams! The sooner we suppress this virus, the sooner we can get back to normal. Stay safe!  Thank you.

Head Girl: M Jones

Deputy Head Girl: D Brady