On May 3rd a group of 16 students and 2 teachers headed off to Corsica in France for a French exchange. Corsica is an island off the south of France.  For 9 girls this will be a 3 week immersion in the French language. These 9 students already had an exchange partner over in October 2022 so they are now staying with those same exchange partners. The extra group of 7 students were welcomed by Corsican families who they had never met and they are currently there until Sunday 14th May. There is an excellent itinerary planned by their coordinator Melanie Lozano and the girls are very lucky to have been chosen to go on this trip to improve their language skills and experience the French culture. We hope they come back with a greater love of the French language and that they make a good connection with their French partners. 6 girls did the same trip last year and this was a much bigger group this year. Thank you to LanguagesConnect who have given some funding towards the trip.

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