On Thursday, May 4th, the TY Development Education class welcomed Dr Caroline Munyi and her colleague Kelly to the school. Dr Munyi works as Migrant Women’s Health Co-ordinator with AkiDwA – an organisation whose mission is to promote equality for all migrant women living in Ireland. ‘AkiDwA’ is the Swahili word for sisterhood.

Development Education is about really getting to the root of inequality and injustice in the world today and then doing something about it! The TY students taking the module this term were learning about Gender Equality – Sustainable Development Goal 5. Through their research into the goal, they started to look at the issue of violence against women, specifically Female Genital Mutilation (F.G.M.). In order to further their understanding of the topic and build awareness about FGM amongst their peers, they invited Dr Munyi to address the whole year group.

On the day, Dr Munyi was welcomed to the school by members of the Development Education class and introduced to the whole year group by Lara Murphy. Dr Munyi gave us a fascinating and thought provoking introduction to this aspect of gender-based violence, developing our awareness around how we can make a difference through education and advocacy.

The visit was a great success and the students and staff in attendance were informed and inspired by Dr Munyi’s presentation.

Many thanks to Worldwise Global Schools, who funded this event.

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